How to cooporate - When Best Talent is your prefered supplier

With an agreement:

  • You will have first priority and thereby be treated before other clients
  • You will get recruitment tasks completed for an attractive price
  • You can make use of Best Talent's Talenbank and in this way get recruitment tasks solved extra fast (here and now) for a small investment.
  • You will be offered market surveillance and thereby an advantage in a market with relatively few candidates.

We provide:

  • Devised personal profiles on those Line of Business Managers, whom the recruitment will be done for. This will match candidates against the nearest manager just as it will give an opportunity to a continued process, regarding the managers as a group. This would be in shape of coaching, or workshops concerning communication, coorporation and management style.
  • Offers on Empowerment processes and other development activities.
  • Assistance to HR tasks, which you might not have time for.
  • Dependent of the extent of the tasks and investment, savings can be earned which can be used to purchase other from Best Talent.