Career guidance

Discretion and professionalism
To change job is an important and difficult decision that will change your life. Therefore it needs to be taken seriously and demands careful deliberation.

Best Talent can guide and assist you through this process. We ensure the process will be handled professionally and discreet, yet open and trustfully.

The right decision
We offer you the opportunity to discuss your professional and personal ambitions and we work hard to spot your talents in correlation to a specific job. We give you a precise and realistic picture of the job and the company, so you will be able to make a well thought-out decision about your future career based on useful information.

Our career guidance consists of personal meetings and counselling. It is for people who wish to be aware about options for their career. For example to gain a better balance between work and private life.
The goal is to reach a higher level of insight with own strengths and weaknesses and clarify your ambitions and opportunities.

Guiding process:

  1. Opening meeting with Best Talent
  2. Personality test with thorough feedback, followed by a development plan and, if needed, coaching.
  3. Follow up meeting with clarification of your career plan.


  • Get an overview of your opportunities if you are considering a job change or if you are unemployed.
  • Get new motivation and inspiration if you feel worn out.
  • Get inspiration and see new opportunities if your career is at a standstill.
  • Strengthen your possibilities ahead of a staff development interview.